Parish Council

Wootton Parish Council – next meeting is on Monday 8 November at 7.30pm in Village Hall. This will be the precept meeting.

Minutes of WOOTTON PARISH COUNCIL Meeting held on Monday 5 July 2010 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall



Cllr Paul James (Chairman)

Cllr Joan Thomas

Cllr Tim Shepherd

Cllr David Parsons

Cllr Andy Warner

Sarah Willcox (Clerk)

2 members of the public

1.     Apologies: were received from Cllr Miles Tuely, County Cllr Ian Hudspeth and District Co Cllr Charles Cottrell-Dormer. The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.31pm.

 2.     Approval of Minutes of 10 May 2010: Approved (JT proposed; DP seconded); Approval of Minutes of 18 May 2010: The chairman amended one digit in point 1 (corrected to £7070.55). The audit has been sent and the chairman thanked Phil Parker for acting as internal auditor and Ric Adams as Responsible Financial Officer.  Everyone had signed the bank mandate which is now with the NatWest bank. Cllr James asked councillors who were new signatories to go to the bank with identity and recent bill asap. Approved (AW proposed; JT seconded)

3.     Matters arising from the minutes which are not covered elsewhere: Street lighting: Cllrs Parsons and Warner had compiled a list of lights in the village. Cllr Warner had learnt that the lights were fitted with sensors that activate the lights from dusk until twilight. Cllr Warner to contact David Cookson, Environment and Economy, at WODC to clarify the situation and report back. Grass cutting: The chairman read out Kevin Grant’s original tender in which he writes that “all areas will be left clear of debris”. A subsequent email to the Clerk from Mr Grant was read out in which he states “I would like to clarify the comment you made in the email stating that I would be able to take away debris. In fact the wording I use is clear the debris. I would not want you to assume I will take away all grass cuttings”

4.     District and County Council reports: Nothing to report.

5.     Village hall – donation to new roof: The Chairman read out a letter from Marlene Fisher, Secretary Wootton Village Hall, in which she asks the council to consider providing 15% of the amount needed to replace the roof (tenders provided ranged between £9,000 and £10,500). While Cllr Thomas raised the point that the village must be perceived as a whole – and that single organisations should not be treated preferentially – it was agreed that the village hall was a good cause, and that up to £1,600 would be set aside for it in the next Precept. (PJ prop; JT sec). Cllr Warner to report back to Mrs Fisher.

 6.     Code of Conduct sessions at WODC: Cllrs Warner and Parsons to attend meeting on 22nd July; Cllr Shepherd to attend on 28th July.

 7.     Woodstock Market Town Partnership: village contact required: Clerk to advertise this non-onerous position in Outreach.

 8.     Planning: Field Barn – no objection.

 9.     Proposal to purchase two filing cabinets for parish council: It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk purchase 8 x damp-proof plastic storage boxes for parish files.

 10.   Financial Matters and Bills to pay: the bank balance stands at £3,087.40 (current) and £3,010.64 (reserve). The parish council received rent of £10 from WCT for the village privy (1 July 10 to 30 June 11). Letters of thanks from PCC and Village Hall for precepts were read out. Cheques were made out to Ink2U (chq no 163 for £24.40) for 2 x ink cartridges; to Clerk for work May 10 of £132, for work June 10 of £16.50 and stationery £10, totalling £158.50 (chq no 164); to HMRC for Clerk’s work May 10 of £33 (chq no 165) and Clerk’s work June 10 (chq no 167); to Kevin Grant as a donation for mowing playing fields 09/10 (chq no 168). (AW prop; TS seconded).

11.   Any other business: Cllr Shepherd brought up the poor state of the potholes along the B4027. The Clerk gave Cllr Shepherd the telephone number to call regarding potholes (0845 3101111), also available to non-councillors. Play Corner Incident: The Chairman read out a letter from the parent of a six year old who on 23rd July was injured in an accident involving the metal components at the base of the climbing rope. This led to a general anaesthetic and three stitches. The Chairman read out his reply which, while sympathetic and concerned, stressed that the playground and equipment were “constantly maintained in accordance with current guidelines and recommendations from Rospa, which inspects on a regular basis”. Mr Day stressed that the playground had seen only two accidents in 56 years. The Chairman thanked Mr Day for his maintenance of the play area. Clerk to report back to the injured child’s parent. Mr Day made the further point that up to £800 pa was spent on repairing damage to the playing fields caused he believed by local children. Clerk to bring this to the attention of Jonathan Reynolds, Chair of Governors of Wootton school.   Dog Waste Bins: Cllr Thomas brought up the poor state of the bin by the allotments and the need for a bin by the meadow gate. Clerk to request WODC for one new bin approx 20m closer to the meadow gate but not close to the Butts bench. Williams Hill: Clerk to request Dan Weeks of Oxfordshire Highways to ask neighbours on either side of the path to clear vegetation. Marriott Close: Cllr James read out a letter from Cottsway Housing stating that work “on the ground” would start first week of August, and that newsletters would be distributed by Leadbitter, the contractor, a week or two beforehand. Cllr Thomas handed out WODC’s leaflet on noise nuisance, available from the Clerk, or for advice call the Environmental Health Service on 01993 861060. Cllr Parsons brought up the width of the plant stands outside Wootton Stores which could prohibit a double buggy or wheelchair from passing.

12.       The meeting closed at 8.36pm and the next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 13 September at 7.30pm.

Signed by Chairman Paul James on 13 September 2010